A windy day at Little Glenham in Suffolk


Date: January 2015

Location: Little Glenham in Suffolk

Team: Sam & Martyn from SPC Tree Services

Work Completed
Very close to Christmas we conducted a medium sized Ash tree removal and conifer reduction. The reason for removal was that the Ash tree was very close to two sheds and also blocked out a lot of the morning sunlight. Dismantling the Ash tree took most of the morning due to having to rig down the majority of the branches due to the next door neighbours shed being underneath it in the drop zone. Once the main branches were taken off, it was quite easy to then take the trunk down in chunks. The customer choose to keep the firewood because she had a log burner and Ash will burn very well once seasoned.
Unfortunately we didnt capture any photos of the next job but the afternoon was spent reducing a conifer that was touching some utility wires. The next door neighbours had been complaining that their signal was coming in and out so therefore this needed to be done.
Here are the photos taken by Martyn, who was a very efficient groundsman on the day.


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