Pocket Guides for your Tree and Garden Needs


Trees and gardening can be complex subjects, they make it seem so effortless on the television. However, we all know that making your garden look great can be real hard work.
Being a group of tree surgeons, you may think all we want to do it cut trees down, you're wrong! This is a page where we help you grow and nuture the trees, shrubs and plants on your area of land. 
Our aim is to create useful information that cuts through the waffle and offer you genuine advice that can be put into practice today. Below is a series of articles that can be used as a guide to achieve your tree, hedge and garden goals. No sales pitch, just top quality advice.
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Useful Links

As a small company we're unable to provide every garden service possible. We have collected a comprehensive list of other local services that we have used, and can vouch for their credibility.


Tree Facts

A handful of facts about the amazing world of trees. Did you know there are approximately 3,800,000,000 trees in the UK? Read more here.


Benefits of Trees

The benefits that trees provide from social, communal, environmental and economic perspectives.


Tree Selection and Placement

Why selecting the right tree for the correct location can potentially save you thousands of pounds.


Giving a Tree the Best Chance Early On

Thinking of planting a tree? A step-by-step guide on how to do it, giving your tree the best possible chance of survival.


Pruning Deciduous Trees

Learn why it's in your best interest to learn how to prune a tree in the correct way, with the right tools.


Pruning Cuts

Made the decision to go ahead and prune? Learn which cuts and techniques should be adopted.


Why Topping Hurts

Topping has become more widespread, it's seen on a daily basis. This harmful technique should be stopped. Learn how to recognise it here.



What is mulching? Why is it important to trees and plants on your area of land? Read the answers here.



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