Crown Lifting/ Raising


Crown lifting involves removing the lower branches to 'lift' the crown and focus further up the tree. Over time, a tree can grow in all sorts of directions. By taking off the lower branches in a controlled manner it promotes a healthy regrowth as well as visually making the tree look smarter. Crown lifting on old, mature trees should be carefully done to avoid the formation of disease and fungus growth. Crown lifting is an effective method of increasing light transmission to areas closer to the tree or to enable access under the tree. Crown lifting should be specified with reference to a fixed point.


E.g. Crown lift to give 5.5 meters of clearance above ground level.




Crown Thinning


Crown thinning depends largely on the type and variety. Over time a tree can become thick, it therefore becomes heavy and has a higher chance of being blown over. Thinning involves taking out some of this bulk in order to give the tree a new lease of life and stop it from becoming a hazard. It also allows more light transmission to pass through the tree. Thinning does not alter the overall size or shape of the tree and no more than 30% of the trees mass will be removed.






Crown Reducing 


Crown reduction is offered if your tree is getting to large for the space it is occupying. Sometimes a tree can become dangerous to property and other valuables if left to grow beyond control, it is best to keep on top of it and this is where we can come to help reduce. The final result of a crown reduction will retain the main framework and leaf bearing structure of the tree but leave a smaller outline. Again the reduction should be specified by actual measurements:


E.g. Crown reduction in height of 2.0 meters and lateral spread of 1.0 meter.