Free Delivery on all Firewood & Logs within the Ipswich, Woodbridge Area


At SPC Trees and Landscapes we offer only the best quality firewood. Our hardwood is eco-friendly dried and has been seasoned for at least one year.  In preparation for the winter months we have the ability to process, split and stockpile large quantities of firewood which will always be stored away from the elements. All wood is cut to size and processed using our log splitter, enabling it to fit in your log burner or fireplace. Our log lengths vary in size from 8" to 14" with the majority being around 10", we are unable to pick out exact sizes but feel the above sizes accommodate the majority of firewood users.


Plenty of customers come back year after year because our wood burns well and keeps your house warm & cosy. The species of wood can vary each year but the load is usually made up of seasoned Ash, Beech, Maple, Birch and Oak.


We offer various quantities and understand not everybody has the ability to store large amounts of wood. See below for the different items we offer. If you would like something unique then don't hesitate to contact us directly.






Netted bag of firewood




Approx 20 logs per bag


1 jumbo bag (approx 1m3) of hardwood firewood.


£80 + VAT (5%)


Delivered Loose


2 jumbo bags (approx 1m3) of hardwood firewood


£160 + VAT (5%)


Delivered Loose


3 jumbo bags (approx 1m3) of hardwood firewood


£240  + VAT (5%)


Delivered Loose

* All firewood is delivered loose but measured out in a 1-meter3 builders bag to ensure consistency.

* All prices are subject to 5% VAT (domestic fuel rate).


To Make an Order Please Call: 07595 643150



  • Free delivery within the Ipswich & Woodbridge areas.
  • A location/ area for logs to be tipped off from a vehicle is essential (please call us if you're unsure).
  • If logs cannot be tipped and need to be hand-balled from our truck a charge of £10+ VAT (per bag) will be added onto the invoice to cover our time.
  • Delivery to further locations will be charged at 0.75p per mile.
  • Order must be over £50 to qualify for free delivery




  • Cash, check or BACS.
  • Payment must be made before or upon delivery.


We are honest and genuine tree surgeons who are here to offer you a great service, selling firewood is something that is done alongside tree work.


Telephone:   07595643150



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