One of the most important aspects of tree and shrub management is pruning. Pruning is the removal of parts on a tree or plant to improve form and growth. The outer branches are removed to minimize damage to the cambium and allowing the wound to close in the shortest period of time.
Reasons for pruning can be grouped into the following categories:
  • Training the plant
  • Maintaining plant health
  • Improving quality of flower, fruit, foliage or stems
  • Controlling growth
A good number of flowering and fruiting plants prefer to be pruned while they are dormant (late winter through to early spring), it can be confusing but rarely fatal to prune at the wrong time of year, however to get the best out of your garden it is recommended to contact an expert.
If you feel your tree or shrub needs pruning please contact us and we can have a chat about the aspects involved or best time of year to conduct the prune.