SPC Tree Services are happy to clear gardens or work sites. We have the equipment to do so in an efficient and safe manner. 
Should trees need felling or reducing, stumps need grinding or even completely  removed, this is all possible. A risk assessment and thorough health and safety plan will always be conducted prior to work commencing so that every possible hazard is highlighted.
Small gardens can be tricky if sheds, greenhouses and other objects are in the way. However, we can always overcome these with a well thought out and discussed plan. This will all be established and we can discuss any concerns you have when somebody comes to issue the quote.
Building contractors can contact us for more specific quotes on the clearance of building sites to comply with an overall project aim. We can shape any trees that need to remain onsite and all waste is taken away and recycled.
SPC Tree Services has the necessary qualifications and insurance to conduct site work.
An example of a recent job is shown on the left.
A site containing two very large oak trees, three large laurel trees, a scots pine, various conifers and other shrubs was cleared in a few days.
The site was then tested by an ecologist to ensure no habitats could be harmed by the building work that was then going to take place.
This sort of work is properly planned, discussed and executed with close interactions between us, the customer and the local community.