Our Stump Grinding 

When a tree or large shrub has been cut to ground level, the protruding stump not only looks ugly but problems can occur with suckering (when new shoots arise from the trunk or roots).
SPC Trees and Landscapes has the equipment to remove unwanted stumps to below ground level making it look like a tree was never there.
Smaller trees can possibly be pulled out with the use of a winch depending on the circumstances. However, the easiest and preferred method is with the use of a stump grinder. A stump grinder is a high-risk mechanically powered machine that comprises of an engine which powers a rotating disk with small teeth to literally grind the stump into sawdust.
Our tracked stump grinder is narrow enough to fit through a standard gate, this enables us to access stumps in awkward places if necessary. We always use safety guards to ensure flying debris does not crack windows or scratch cars.
Once the work is complete you can then put turf or plants in place of the stump and nobody will ever know it was there.
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