Stump Grinding and Removal in Ipswich, Woodbridge and Suffolk 


Stump grinding is the most popular and cost effective method for removing tree stumps and/or roots.


The reason for this is because results from grinding the stump often tick the boxes required. The question to ask is "why am I removing the stump?" if its because its an eyesore and you wish to seed, turf or patio the area then grinding is the technique you want.


Trees are often planted next to fences or houses on boundary lines, often this isn’t a problem as long as we have a bit of room to work in, our equipment allows us to operate with millimetre precision so get in touch and we are happy to have a no obligation look.


Further reasons for removing stumps include disease and pests. Honey-fungas is a disease that once within a tree is impossible to get rid off. Honey fungus lives within the rooting system of a tree and even if the tree has been cut down the disease will continue to live there. The main problem with honey-fungus is that it moves through the soil so catching and eradicating fast is very important. Our grinding allows us to do this and for trees diseased with honey fungus we recommend a deep grind and removal of all mulch.


Our stump grinders have large metal discs with embedded teeth, they are driven by powerful engines that literally grind the stump away piece by piece. The end product is a pile of sawdust, which makes for a wonderful mulch or weed suppressant on the garden.


As standard our grinders will grind down to 15cm, this depth is sufficient enough for seeding or turfing and to ensure the stump doesn’t grow back. If a deeper grind of 30cm is required then please do let us know and your quote can be adjusted.


If you feel this method is best suited please give us an email or phone call and we are always happy to explain the process further.


Contact us today for more infomation on stump grinding.