Stump Grinding and Removal in Ipswich, Woodbridge and Suffolk 


Stump grinding is an important part of tree works, it is the most popular method for removing tree stumps and roots.


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A stump grinder is a high powered machine with teeth embedded onto a disc. These teeth then literally grind the stump to below ground level so nobody will know the stump ever existed. It allows the customer to reuse the area the same day by either putting down grass seed or turf. The tree will not grow back as the light has been cut off and over time it will rot and break down.


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Because trees are often planted in obscure places next to fences and structures it means they cannot be dug out by hand or digger. Using a stump grinder ensures the stump can dissapear without disturbing the surrounding area. Our machinery operated with millimeter precision, we're always happy to have a no obligation look or just give advice over the phone.


If you have had honey fungas you will also want to get rid of the stump fast to stop the disease spreading further. Honey Fungas lives in the rooting system of the trees so the quicker it can be eradicated the less chance the disease has to spread. As a rule of thumb honey fungas will spread up to one meter per year.


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If you wish for the entire root to be removed we can also accomodate this request with the use of winches and diggers, all of our operators are trained on all machinery.


We highly recommend getting in touch with our sister company Suffolk Stump Grinding, they offer a top service and will be able to assist further, please click below to enter their website:

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